CultureConnect, as part of Interserve, offers resources to help you and your church or group to engage cross-culturally. If you would like training in how to apply the learnings of these resources, please contact us.

The links below will take you to Interserve’s website, where you can read more about the resources and order them directly.

Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures

Equipping Christians and churches for ministry in a culturally diverse society

By Andrew Schachtel, Choon-Hwa Lim and Michael K Wilson

This book is about helping Christians and churches to understand the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHEN of vibrant cross-cultural ministries, and to get involved.

Friendship First series

Giving individual Christians the tools to discuss good news with ordinary Muslims.

Helping churches to welcome believers of Muslim background into their family.

Assisting believers of Muslim background to grow in Christ with the help of a mentor.

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