S is a Culture Connect partner from Melbourne. She works in Melbourne but also travels overseas with teams to Asia.

Travel ministry:

This year I led a team of six to Asia and everyone had an amazing experience of God.

After travelling for 12 hours and being rejected by 12 hotels, we finally settled at a hotel near the edge of the city, late in the evening. Next morning, we were alone in the hotel breakfast room when a female catering staff member began asking questions about faith after seeing us pray before the meal. I spoke with her and led her to the Lord while other members prayed quietly. This lady shared the gospel with her husband and then other hotel staff in a way that reminded me of the Samaritan woman in John 4. We were able to disciple her and connect her to the local church during the time we stayed in that place. We were so happy to be God’s hands and feet to seek out the lost.

One morning, when we met with a co-worker, I asked the team to worship, pray and to follow God’s leading to minister to this co-worker. It was a deep and meaningful time of ministry as God used us in creative inner healing ministry.

Ministry in Australia:

Several people, including a man from a Muslim background, accepted the Lord after I ministered on a Sunday. My brief chat with a man led me into a simple prayer for him, and he said afterwards, ‘this is exactly where I am at…’

Another middle-aged woman shared with me things that happened in her teenage years and how she found it hard to forgive. She was released after some healing prayer. As I am led by the Spirit and speak out the words, people are touched. Even my Hindu neighbour experienced Jesus’ healing of her shoulder which had been painful for five years.


I presented academic papers in a few conferences and engaged in dialogues with people from diverse backgrounds, including government officials and secular academics.