Windows into the Qur’an: Medinan suras in chronological order 622 to 632AD

Author: Scot, Daniel

Publisher: IMI Publishing


Year of Publication: 2011

Format: book

Description: Scot systematically goes through

these suras, looking at groups of verses and

their meanings comparing them with others

which contradict them. Occasionally you

also get references to similar Bible verses.

Although the book is easy to read, for

the beginner it may be a little complicated to

understand why it is necessary to compare

verses in such a manner.

This book will be a very helpful reference

book for anyone wanting to study the

Qur’an. It acts as both a concordance and a

commentary. Scot has gone into other Islamic

source material which brings passages

into context.

Scot’s vast knowledge of Islam and the

Qur’an, enables those who do not have time

to research passages for themselves the

opportunity to gain expert advice on many


Audience(s): Trainers, mature Christians, Christian workers


Language(s): English

Where Obtained: Through Ibrahim Ministries International (IMI):

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