Understanding Jesus and Muhammad

Author: Bernie Power

Publisher: Acorn Press

Price: $15.00

Year of Publication: 2016

Format: book

Description: The book compares these two important figures, drawing from the Bible, and the Qur’an, Sira (biography) and Hadith (traditions). The hard questions asked by both Muslims and Christians are addressed. It is written for the non-specialist and is easy to read at 168 pages.

Audience(s): Christian workers, mature Christians, Trainers


Language(s): English

Where Obtained: The book can be purchased online at https://acornpress.net.au/publications/understanding-jesus-and-muhammad-what-the-ancient-texts-say-about-them/

The ebook will be released soon.

Web Address: acornpress.net.au/publications/understanding-jesus-and-muhammad-what-the-ancient-texts-say-about-the