The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross. Insights from an Arab Christian

Author: Dr Nabeel T. Jabbour

Publisher: Navpress


Year of Publication: 2008

Format: book

Description: This book is a very helpful guide to understanding the Muslim mindset.

Dr Nabeel Jabbour begins his book with a Muslim, ‘Ahmad’, who is a composite of many contacts he has had over the years in the Middle East and in America. ‘Ahmad’

speaks his mind about world politics and the

western Christian methods of evangelism

which failed to help him understand the truth

of Jesus and Christianity.

Jabbour then addresses this mindset by

demonstrating a different approach of coming

alongside a Muslim in love.

Each chapter ends with a series of questions to help the reader remember what was said and to provoke extra thinking on the subject.

Audience(s): Trainers, mature Christians, Christian workers


Language(s): English

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Restrictions: None