Luke’s Travel Guides

Author: Ron Fountain

Publisher: Scripture Union and Bible Society


Year of Publication: 0

Format: book

Description: This set of three booklets uses simple English to help ESL learners to find out more about Jesus and the Bible. Users learn and understand a few Bible verses each day. Each has 30 readings from Luke or Acts.

They appear to be suitable for ESL students with fair to good English. Bible passages are from the Good News Bible Translation.

The author is a NZ’er who has taught ESOL for 16 yrs in universities and teachers’ colleges, and to refugees in his home church.

Audience(s): non-Christians, ESL students

Animist, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim

Language(s): English

Where Obtained: Scripture Union, Bible Society or Anglicare NSW’s ESL Department

Web Address:


Comment: Can be used as private daily reading or for helping people learn English as they read the Bible; questions assist people to understand the Bible text and explore Christian faith

3 titles: Luke’s Travel Guide … with Jesus; … with the Apostles; … with Paul

submitted by: Meryl Gemo, Centre for Multicultural Ministry, Uniting Church SA