Know Your Bible

Author: CWCI International

Publisher: CWCI


Year of Publication: 0

Format: website

Description: Know Your Bible (KYB) Bible studies studies have been translated and printed in 38 languages, and new studies are being written and translated each year.

Audience(s): new Christians, mature Christians


Language(s): Welsh, Vietnamese, Tok Pisin, Telugu, Tamil, Swedish, Swahili, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Nepali, Mongolian, Mandarin, Khmer, Kannada, Indonesian, Hindi, Gujarati, German, French, Fijian, English, Czech, Burmese, Bulgarian, Bengali, Arabic, Albanian, Afrikaans

Where Obtained: Details shown on KYB’s website at

Web Address:

Restrictions: None

Comment: Bible studies in several more languages are in preparations, incl. Armenian, Malayalam, Urdu, Japanese, Korean and Thai