Hope DVD

Author: Roof Breakers

Publisher: Mars Hill Productions


Year of Publication: 0

Format: CD

Description: An interactive computer program for learning English. Can be used by the individual on their own or with the assistance of another person.

Audience(s): ESL teachers, ESL students

Animist, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim

Language(s): English

Where Obtained: www.englishgift.org

Web Address: www.englishgift.org

Restrictions: can not sell

Comment: If necessary an organistation may recover the cost of creating copies for others by charging only the actual cost of duplication, plus 10% for handling, plus the actual cost of shipping if applicable.

I have found the use of this resource a little confusing and therefore I think a person who has little understanding of English will find it difficult to use alone.

Submitted by: Brendan Jones International Teams Australia’s Sydney Refugee Team