Go Back to Where You came From

Author: SBS TV

Publisher: SBS


Year of Publication: 2011

Format: dvd

Description: This is a DVD of the 3-part series on refugees shown by SBS TV during June 2011. IT shows the experience of 6 Australians who tried to live and travel as refugees for one month. It attempts to show the viewer some of what life is like for refugees in their own countries, and in the countries they live in on the way, before they attempt to flee.

Audience(s): Trainers, mature Christians, ESL teachers, Christian workers


Language(s): English

Where Obtained: Dymock’s bookstores, or online at


Web Address: http://www.sbs.com.au/shop/product/category/DVDs/7861/-b-DVD-Pre-order-b-Go-Back-To-Where-You-Came-F


Comment: Not available till 31 Aug 2011