ESL Bible study – Workbook and Bible and Gospel chants

Author: Joan Dungey ( USA)



Year of Publication: 2010

Format: electronic file

Description: Some activities are multi-leveled, some are for beginning ESL students, and some are for intermediate/ advanced students. You pick the ones you want to use, depending upon your students’ abilities

Audience(s): ESL teachers, ESL students

Animist, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim

Language(s): English

Where Obtained: internet

Web Address:

Restrictions: yes

Comment: This was the first resource I found that was in part usable for my ESL Bible Study class. It was a bit ad hoc for me but gave me ideas on how to develop my own studies. The gospel chants are good and there is some material on how to use them.

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submitted buy: Vivienne Cole Vision Christian Family and Interserve Culture Connect.