Author: Wycliffe Associates (UK)



Year of Publication: 0

Format: electronic file

Description: EasyEnglish is a form of simple English developed by Wycliffe Associates (UK). These Bible Studies and other items are free for you to download and use.

overview of books of the Bible, Bible dictionary text, commentary and questions in simple English ( Intermediate level) longish passages but very comprehensive website

Audience(s): non-Christians, ESL teachers, ESL students, Christian workers, Trainers

Animist, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim

Language(s): English

Where Obtained: web

Web Address: www.easyenglish.info/bible-study/index.htm


Comment: I used this for extra information in a series of Bible studies. I gave this to more advanced learners who could understand more English

submitted by: Vivienne Cole Vision Christian Family and Interserve culture connect