Cross and Crescent Course

Author: Chapman, Colin

Publisher: CMS UK


Year of Publication: 2011

Format: website

Description: Those interested in learning about

Islam and how to reach out to Muslims with

the gospel can do the 5 lesson course over

the internet in the privacy of their own home

and at their own pace:


Colin Chapman leads you through the course and

helps you to relate to the various aspects of Muslim life

and how to answer their common questions about Christianity.

If this on line course is not suitable for you, you can still purchase the DVD and work book from a range of Christian bookshops.

Audience(s): Trainers, mature Christians, Christian workers


Language(s): English

Where Obtained: Online at http//

To start using this course, click on one of the Sessions on the above site and then click on the “Login as a Guest” button.

Web Address: http//