Come Follow Me

Author: Green, Tim



Year of Publication: 2013

Format: book

Description: You have a believer from a Muslim background

(BMB) who has had some Bible training and

comes to you and asks to be baptised.

What can you use to prepare him for

baptism? You are at a loss to know how

best to help him understand the basics of

Christianity in an eastern mindset and then

be confident in his faith in Christ.

Well this excellent book by Tim

Green is for you.

It is written especially with Muslim background people in mind. It clearly explains

a number of important culturally sensitive issues to them that have been tested

over many years. It uses diagrams appropriate to Muslim culture and it is interesting

to work through each lesson. There are 20

lessons altogether and I would use the first 10 as a preparation for Baptism and the others for further training.

This book is currently in English and Dari, with Urdu, Farsi and Arabic soon to be made available.

Audience(s): Christian workers, ESL teachers, mature Christians, new Christians


Language(s): Dari, English

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