Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures. Equipping Christians and churches for ministry in a culturally diverse society

Language the resource is written in: English

Audience for whom the resource is intended: Christian workers, ESL teachers, mature Christians, trainers

Focus group: Animist, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim

Format: Book

Description: This is a practical guide to cross-cultural ministry, aimed at aiding Christians as they undertake the crucial, challenging but very rewarding process of interacting across cultures. It’s written so that a person can pick it up and read it, or small groups can study it together over six sessions.

Author: Andrew P Schachtel, Choon-Hwa Lim and Michael K Wilson

Publisher: Great Western Press

Year of publication: 2,016

Price: AUS$18 plus postage

Where obtained: Interserve Australia, online (see below) or by phoning 1800 067 100

Web address, where appropriate: