If you’re working cross-culturally in Australia, you can apply to be part of CultureConnect:

  • An interdenominational cross-cultural missional community

  • Main focus is work in Australia

  • Flexible in time commitment and financial arrangements

  • Some training and experience is required

  • Ministry includes an element of equipping others

Why join CultureConnect?

  • Missional Community

    Become part of an international, interdenominational, cross-cultural missional community. Find support among people who understand your work and the challenges you face.

  • Shared Resources

    You don’t have to find, buy or do it all for yourself. Draw on the learning, experience and resources of others, and let your resources have greater impact.

  • Expand your opportunity to train others

    Connect with churches and groups around Australia who want to cross cultures but don’t know how to begin. Allow God to use your learning and experience to grow His Kingdom.

  • Annual Conference

    Come together in person every year with peers from around Australia. Be refreshed, inspired and energised to keep going.

  • Membercare

    Membercare team, Hub, Personal Ministry Plan, Heads Up

    Find the support you need to overcome day-to-day challenges, maintain healthy practices and sustain your ministry for the long haul.

  • Administrative structures

    Management of financial support, ministry costs, development

    Lean on a professional team at Interserve who can receive donations, manage your financial support and provide accountability.