In 2014 an Australian study reported:

1 in 3 students experience racial bullying every month

Over 20% students experience racial bullying every day

2 in 3 students reported seeing other students experiencing harm because of their cultural background

Students are being told:  “You don’t belong in Australia”

People from all around the world call Australia home. Let’s help young people to engage well with those who are different to them.

CHAT is a program for schools and youth groups using activity based learning to help young people build respect, understanding and appreciation for one another across their differences, especially cultural. 

CHAT stands for Cultural Hearing Asking Telling.

CHAT fosters a strong self-identity. It both equips and empowers young people to form relationships of mutual respect and understanding with others who are different.

It encourages curiosity through providing tools and opportunities to engage in respectful dialogue and experience the value of understanding a different perspective.

The results for young people who have participated in pilot programs last year have been transformational. They have expressed desire to share this new knowledge, and for their peers, families and communities to undertake a similar journey.

This is the work of a Father who loves all people made in his image, brings peace to the nations in our school communities and light into darkness as young people freely share the difference that he makes in their lives.

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Before CHAT I didn’t know how to interact with others about conflicting ideas. CHAT taught me ways to interact with people from all different cultures with respect and understanding.

CHAT is an engaging and encouraging program that gives participants valuable skills in having respectful conversations. It’s a powerful antidote to the cacophony of the social media echo chamber, helping people to slow down and deliberately listen to the Other. I’d encourage everyone who wants to have meaningful conversations about important issues with people who hold different views to do CHAT

We are looking for Christian schools and youth groups who would like to try CHAT.

Does this sound like you?


Change and Compassion