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Of Cars and Karma

A Buddhist friend in Australia asked for my help in buying a used car. He was frustrated after several unsuccessful attempts, disappointed and baffled by the experience; after all, he had done nothing particularly bad in his life. For a Buddhist, the law of karma means that bad deeds result in bad consequences, so why […]

University ministry

At a university in one of Australia’s major cities, we have a witness among Muslim students, with a weekly Bible study and a bookstand. Students from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other countries join us to hear about Jesus. One day, I gave an invitation to a young […]

The church and the refugee

“I’m not in a good situation right now.” Daryush (not his real name) stares at the floor of the church hall with glazed eyes, cup in hand (two teabags, four sugars). The words slowly spill out in broken English. He had just spent the last of that fortnight’s money on antibiotics when his caseworker called. […]

Our Experience working with Refugees

When our pastor asked us 4 years ago to consider being the voluntary coordinators to welcome & assist a few refugees from Burma expected to arrive in Wollongong and to come to our church, we had very little idea what it might involve. Our role is now called “Re-settler Support and Integration” coordinators, and we’ve […]